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Ages 12 and above

Avalanche Adventure
Welford Road
Market Harborough
LE16 9UJ.

Tel: 01858 880 613

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Survival Training Courses

Experience the most varied and exciting Survival Training Courses in the country.

Whether you are training for a real life extreme experience, testing you leadership skills for business or just wanting a special adrenaline fuelled stag or hen weekend we can provide the complete survival package.

Our professional survival instructor will give you a hands-on experience of some of the basic skills required to survive in extreme situations, be they Desert, Jungle or Arctic.

Based in woodland on our 400 acre farm, you will be shown how to use the essential kit required, have basic survival skills explained and given the opportunity to try everything from several ways to light a fire to building a basic shelter from surrounding materials.

We have the ability to offer courses lasting from an hour to 24 hours.

Subjects covered depending on the amount of time available

• Survival tin-how to maximise its use of one
• Fire-without matches or a lighter
• Water-where to find it and purification methods
• Shelter- Improvised / natural
• Food- what is edible in the forest
• Navigation-with and without a compass
• Traps
• Survival psychology
• Knots
• Observation-maximise your chances of being found
• Camp layout

Subjects are taught in slow time with the focus being that you will come away knowing what to do in a survival situation after having hands on experience.

The survival course is taught by a former Royal Marines Commando who has learnt all the skills needed to survive first hand in Jungles, Deserts and Arctic environments. Having been an expedition leader for several TV programmes such as Last Man Standing, Extreme Dreams and Unbreakable he is now keen to pass on his knowledge to those that want to lean about survival.

Courses are suitable for children aged 10 upwards to adults. All subjects will be taught in an age appropriate manner.

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